Photo and film works by regional, national, and international artists are projected at night on walls in public space and thus give rise to temporary visual changes in the urban space. The artists invited develop site-specific works in exchange with the curators and hence reveal specific characteristics of these districts. stadtprojektionen deals with the perception of urban space, in particular at night, and stimulates new looks. The projections, which are carefully tailored to the respective surroundings, are supposed to continue to have an effect during the day and to encourage contemplation of the city—with reference to its history and present, and to architectural, cultural, and social dimensions. 


Anna Vetsch & Nina Keel are art historians and initiated stadtprojektionen in 2016 as a private initiative. stadtprojektionen combines various interests of the two curators —photography and film, public space, and the history of cities, in particular of St.Gallen. From one edition it became a multipart project that also flows into other project forms (see Archive).

Keel & Vetsch work collaborative and integrative. Acting in public space, they attach value to a broad trusteeship of their projects: Approved by the city police of St.Gallen, the project is realized in cooperation with building owners and tenants, who provide places for the projectors during stadtprojektionen.

Essay by Lauren Elkin

Lauren Elkin is a writer, translator, academic and the author of Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London (2016). In the beginning of 2021 she wrote an essay about stadtprojektionen.

Essay in English (PDF)

Nonprofit Association

‚ANI – Verein für kuratorische Projekte’ is a nonprofit association and operator of the projects by Anna Vetsch and Nina Keel.


ANI – Verein für kuratorische Projekte
attn. Anna Vetsch und Nina Keel
Linsebühlstrasse 25
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The individual project are and were made possible by public and private funds. Thanks a lot!
To become a patron of future projects, please send a message to Anna Vetsch and Nina Keel.

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