Interplay I


When and where

'stadtprojektionen' came to Zurich for One Night:
Thursday, 19th September, 8pm to midnight
Hardturmbrache, main gate (opposite Förrlibuckstrasse 236)

A projection by the artist Alexandra Maurer was shown on the wasteland of the former Hardturm stadium on Thursday evening, September 19. The occasion was the preview of the issue of the ETH architecture magazine trans. 'stadtprojektionen' is reviewed in the issue and was also invited to organize a projection for the Hardturm wasteland.

Alexandra Maurer

'Swim', 2019


Alexandra Maurer (*1978 in St.Gallen, lives in Geneva) is showing her film work Swim (2009) in a modified form. The artist works primarily with the mediums of painting and video, combining the two genres in a fascinating way: actors are filmed, transferred to painting, and finally animated to create video. Maurer's works put viewers under their spell with their colorfulness and exemplify exuberance and dynamic. This calls to mind a playing field, the past and the future. But we find ourselves in an in-between; we dive into another world, be it for only one night, for a perhaps final swim before the end of the summer.


Alexandra Maurer



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