Interplay II


When and where

The Linsebühl building is once again a setting for stadtprojektionen

,Kaleidoscope’, an experimental color film from 1935 by Len Lye (1901–1980), will light up the eastern façade of the Linsebühl building on Saturday night, June 20. From dusk to dawn, the projection contributes to revitalizing public space.

Lämmlisbrunnenstrasse 22, St.Gallen
. June 20, from 9.30pm

Len Lye

,Kaleidoscope’, 1935, color film. © Cinédoc, Paris.

The short film ,Kaleidoscope’ was created in London, where Lye lived between 1926 and 1944. In the film, which was sponsored by Churchman Cigarettes, Lye made do without a camera, and directly edited the light-sensitive layer. The exuberant film begins in a dreamy manner, with a kaleidoscope-like play of colors and forms. It is then followed by an abrupt break, when the Churchman logo comes into play. The film is accompanied by Cuban music, but it will not be played back in the case of the outdoor projection. The film with soundtrack, however, can be viewed throughout the month in the former telephone cubbyhole in the Linsebühl building, where people smoked just as often as they used the phone. As a result of the simultaneous projection in two locations, “Zwischenspiel II” addresses shifts in perception resulting from different modes of projection.

The Linsebühl building by the architect Moritz Hauser is the central building complex from the 1930s in St.Gallen and stood out at the time it was erected as a metropolitan night image thanks to neon signs and its illuminated architecture. With ,Kaleidoscope’, the Linsebühl building will be lit up at night again from June 20 and celebrate the small city in the city.

The occasion for the “Zwischenspiel” of stadtprojektionen is the opening on the same day of the architecture exhibition DIE MODERNE IM KLEINEN, which is dedicated to buildings from the 1930s in St.Gallen.


Following the projection in the fall of 2017 (stadtprojektionen II) by the contemporary artist Ester Vonplon, the Linsebühl building is being utilized this time to present a position connected with the history of architecture.

Len Lye


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